Management Team


Studio M is one of the few, if not one of the only, platforms where convergence truly takes place between traditional and new media. Studio M's wireless network provides viewers the gateway to connectivity, commerce and creativity. Studio M provides investors with a unique opportunity to participate in a high growth company with the comfort of known territory and the excitement of the new economy. Studio M is covering the downside risk without limiting its upside potential.

Thomson Multimedia (owner of RCA), which is the 4th largest consumer electronics company in the world, is a strategic investor in Studio M. Thomson is a publicly traded and each have multi-billion dollar market capitalization's.

Thomson Multimedia

Thomson, as the lead investor, also entered into a strategic alliance with Studio M. The highlights of the advantages obtained by Studio M through the alliance with Thomson are as follows:

  • Organizational resources of Thomson including access to the Thomson worldwide R&D department.
  • Appointment of 2 Thomson executives to the Studio M Board of Directors.
  • Receipt of valuable business advice by Studio M relating to the implementation and strategic development of Studio M's business plan. * Introductions of Studio M to Thomson partner companies and other 3rd parties.
  • Direction of appropriate business opportunities to Studio M.
  • Supply to Studio M at no charge a reasonable quantity of promotional products such as Lyra Players, DVDs and VCRs to be utilized by Studio M for contests and giveaway promotions.

Thomson Partner Companies

Studio M has commenced discussions with several of the Thomson partner companies to form strategic alliances and mutual revenue sharing opportunities. Music Match plans to launch a digital video jukebox player utilizing Studio M content. Music Match will market their digital video juke box to their 10 million users which will both expose Studio M content and generate ancillary revenue to Studio M.

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